DIY kit instructions

DIY Pack Instructions

  1. Open teddy at the back by gently pulling apart the velcro opening.
  2. Pull out the “sock” lining with cable tie in it.
  3. Open the bag of stuffing and empty out to fluff it up. Make sure to fluff up well and tear apart to make it easier to stuff. 
  4. Take small amounts of stuffing at a time and fill the teddy. Start with the head, then on to arms and legs and finally fill its tummy. Put as much stuffing as you like. It's up to you! Use your fingers to maneuver the fluff. DO NOT put your whole hand inside ro the stitching will stretch.
  5. Now it's time for the wish insert ceremony! Take your insert, rub it in your hands to warm it up, then place it over your own heart and make a wish, seal your wish with a giant kiss and insert it into your teddy. The more you love your teddy the stronger the wish grows!
  6. To seal, pull the cable tie shut and carefully snip away excess. (you may need an adult for that) Roll back lining into the teddy
  7. Peel of excess fabric from velcro fastening and seal closed.
  8. Fill out your adoption certificate to make it all official and promise to care and love your new “furend” forever!

Time to dress if purchased and have fun with your new teddy!